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New Language Word of the Week

Por Favor(Please): Spanish


New language word for the week of 12/22- 12/28

Danke (Thank you): German

In honor of our German heritage I thought it would be nice for the boys to tell their grandparents Thank You in German this Christmas. All my  husband’s grandparents grew up speaking German. They are dearly missed. 

Today’s Parenting Challenge

Mommy: “Pick up you’re blocks.”

2yr. old: “You’re not the boss, you can’t talk to me like that!”

Mommy: “What”

2yr. old: “I’m the boss!”

Mommy: “You can sit in time out and not watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or have chocolate milk until you realize who REALLY is the boss.”

2yr. old: “I’m sorry.”

Mommy: “Who’s the boss?”

2yr. old: “Mommy”

Mommy: “That’s right.”

Post 2

My older two boys are back at school (FINALLY!). The temperature was 3 degrees when I put them on the school bus this morning. BRRRRR! I’m a little nervous about sending them to school when conditions are so bad but they have had 4 days off school already. Tomorrow I’ll be taking them because I volunteered to help out with a PTO event at the school. My husband will get to spend some time with our 2 yr. old while I’m there (They’ll probably sleep in- zzzzz). While I’m there I’ll give the boys’ teachers and office staff their Christmas presents from the boys (my homemade salsa-YUMMM!). Hopefully they like it.