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New Language Word of the Week

Por Favor(Please): Spanish


Today’s Parenting Challenge

Mommy: “Pick up you’re blocks.”

2yr. old: “You’re not the boss, you can’t talk to me like that!”

Mommy: “What”

2yr. old: “I’m the boss!”

Mommy: “You can sit in time out and not watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or have chocolate milk until you realize who REALLY is the boss.”

2yr. old: “I’m sorry.”

Mommy: “Who’s the boss?”

2yr. old: “Mommy”

Mommy: “That’s right.”

Post 2

My older two boys are back at school (FINALLY!). The temperature was 3 degrees when I put them on the school bus this morning. BRRRRR! I’m a little nervous about sending them to school when conditions are so bad but they have had 4 days off school already. Tomorrow I’ll be taking them because I volunteered to help out with a PTO event at the school. My husband will get to spend some time with our 2 yr. old while I’m there (They’ll probably sleep in- zzzzz). While I’m there I’ll give the boys’ teachers and office staff their Christmas presents from the boys (my homemade salsa-YUMMM!). Hopefully they like it.