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Okay I finally got this blog working. Because we live in the middle of nowhere we have to have satellite internet and it doesn’t really work well with a half inch of ice and 4 inches of snow on it. That’s right we had a winter storm. After it was said and done we ended up with about a quarter inch of ice on the ground and about 14 inches of snow on top of that. The kids are having their 4th snow day. Including the weekend, that is 6 days at home. My 2 year old likes having his older brothers to play with but he does not like having my attention divided. They may not have school for the rest of the week if the temps don’t get up; it has barely got above freezing since Saturday. The roads are so bad that the Christmas presents I ordered can’t get delivered. I got an email stating that they will be delayed (according to the tracking system, they are sitting at the local dispatch warehouse). Looks like they are having a snow day too.


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