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The boys are finally back in school after an extra week off due to weather conditions–again. I think they were just as ready as I was to get them back in school. They were constantly fighting and getting on each others nerves. My 2 yr. old is happy to have my attention again and control of what is on tv (no more Skylanders video games). There is a problem though… the 2yr. old wants me to change his brothers’ transformers for him but I don’t know how. I need them to show me.

Bed time chart

We have now implemented “The Bedtime Chart” at our house. There is a dry erase board posted in our back hallway with all three boys’ names on it. They all start out with a 9 pm bedtime. Everytime they misbehave they get a warning then if they continue, time gets taken off. When they don’t heed the warning their bedtime gets reduced and the reason why is written by it. Then when it is their time for bed we go over the reasons that they are going to bed early. It works amazingly well.The thought that their brothers get to stay up later than they do, really upsets them.