I am a MOM moment!

Okay I had a “I really am a Mom” moment tonight. Here is how it happened: I had a long day so I decided to relax with a nice long hot bubble bath. I went to fill the tub and noticed the only bubble bath was Sponge Bob. I thought “why not it will do just the same thing”, so I started filling the tub and squirted the liquid into the water. While the tub filled I decided to get a glass of wine. I went to the kitchen, reached up into the cabinet, got down a wine glass and was about to fill it when I realized that I was out of wine. Next to me on the counter sat the pitcher of my kids’ favorite Kool-Aid. “Why Not”, I thought to my self once again and I filled my glass and headed back to the bathroom.  I slipped into the tub and felt something poke me in the leg as I sat down. I reached in the water and pulled out a match box car. I threw it in the bath toy bucket and leaned back with a wash cloth over my head. After awhile of letting the troubles slip away I opened my eyes and looked around. There I lay in a tub filled with Sponge Bob bubbles, drinking blue Kool-aid out of a wine glass, surrounded by Ninja Turtle bath toys and using a Captain America wash cloth to cover my eyes. I realized that “I really am a Mom” and it made me smile. Only a Mom can truly appreciate a moment like that! And yes I finished my bath and my Kool-aid (it was a very good vintage).


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