Pancakes that I didn’t have to make myself!

Today my 10 yr. old son made pancakes. He decided last night that he wanted to make everyone breakfast. So I got him up early and pulled out his 4h cookbook and stood back. He measured each ingredient and poured them in (even made the well in the middle of the dry mix). I heated up the skillet while he got the batter ready. When it was time he poured a little batter on the skillet and even knew when to flip them. When his brothers climbed out of bed they were excited to eat the pancakes their big brother made. He even made up names for the ones that weren’t quite round (ex. one looked like it had a tail so he said it was an angry bird for his video game loving brother, another had two bumps so he said it was Rubble from Paw Patrol for his youngest brother). We all ate our pancakes, which I had the honors of eating the very first one he made. They had to be the best pancakes I ever ate — Of course that just might be the bias of a proud mama.


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